Jason Muloongo

Jason Muloongo

CEO, Hey Taylor


From interior cabin manufacturing for Airbus in Hamburg, to building drones for national security reconnaissance missions in South Africa, Jason began his career in aerospace engineering working with Airbus, Boeing, Lufthansa airlines.

He began a website providing free access to educational resources for high school students in South Africa in 2011 just as a hobby. This overtook his aerospace career and 4 years later his company was acquired by a Canadian entity where together they delivered over 60 free globally accredited continuing medical education programs to 400,000 healthcare practitioners across Africa and the Middle East. His company got international recognition from UNESCO for Best education products in 2012, IndiAfrica in Lagos in 2012, the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2013.

He moved to Canada in 2016 and today he works on Augmented Reality solutions for eCommerce merchants, helping reduce the rate of returns and increase conversion rates by infusing consumers with confidence through immersive, emotional shopping experiences, and personalized shopping recommendations.