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07:00 – 09:00am

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09:00 – 09:15am

Welcome Address and Opening Remark

By Host, Jim Ovia, Founder and Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc

Topic: Catalysing Disruptive Innovation through Youth Empowerment

Jim Ovia

09:15 – 09:45am

Keynote Address 1 – Machine Learning and Quantum Computing: the next Frontier

Quantum computing will change the way we live or think Google said that its groundbreaking Sycamore superconducting quantum chip had taken just 200 seconds to complete a task that the world’s most powerful computer would need 10,000 years to finish. “With this breakthrough we’re now one step closer to applying quantum computing to – for example – design more efficient batteries, create fertiliser using less energy, and figure out what molecules might make effective medicines,” – Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai

Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor

09:45 – 10:15am

Keynote address 2 – Opportunities for 5G in Nigeria

Think about a world in which not just people but all things are connected: cars to the roads they are on; doctors to the personal medical devices of their patients; augmented reality available to help people shop and learn and explore wherever they are. This requires a massive increase in the level of connectivity. 5G will impact every industry – from mobile phones to healthcare, autos, banking, manufacturing, distribution. It is as revolutionary as electricity and will impact the entire ecosystem, economies and societies – https://www.weforum.org/agend/2018

Eric Zhang

10:15 – 10:25am

IT entertainment – Featured Demo

10:25 – 10:55am

Keynote address 3 – Blockchain Technology and Implications for Economic Growth

“Blockchains are a fascinating new technology. They enable fully decentralized databases, resistant to censorship and potentially allowing for system adoption in critical applications like money and identity”- Michael Siliski

Akin Banuso

10:55 – 11:25am

Keynote address 4 – Artificial Intelligence and the Next Industrial Revolution

“Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.” Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute

Dipo Faulkner

11:25 – 11:35am

IT Entertainment – Featured Demo

11:35 – 12:20pm

Panel Discussion – Cybersecurity For Our Digital Lives: From payment to our homes

“Due to the increasing presence of the digital world in our lives, it is not surprising that the majority of crucial information about ourselves and companies are stored online and protected by a series of multi-digit passwords, fingerprints or similar. However, the sad truth is that it just needs one talented hacker and a few seconds to make all these security precautions meaningless and access every single
piece of information” -www.welovesalt.com

Our Panelists will help us understand how to deal with our increasing vulnerability in the digital space.

Adebayo Sanni

12:20 – 12:35pm

The Economic Benefits of Data and Data Monetization

“Data monetization positively impacts both the bottom-line and top-line of a business: intelligent data monetization will help organizations drive disruptive changes that will directly benefit the organization and its customers by enabling unique services and products while reducing unnecessary costs” – www.taival.com

Adebayo Sanni

12:35 – 01:35pm

Lunch Break/Exhibition Booth tour

01:35 – 02:35pm


SuperSession 1: Innovation in the Fintech Space (by Team Flutterwave)
Team Flutterwave is one of the most innovative Fintechs in Nigeria, with a large array of products in this space. Join them to learn more about how to innovate in the Fintech and the opportunities and regulations to consider.

SuperSession 2: Data Analytics (by Team Oracle)
Data Analytics is fundamental to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the rapid adoption of AI in all things, we will be diving deeper into this subject. At this interactive session, you will learn what data analytics is and to build your own AI or how to work with AI.

SuperSession 3: Augmented Reality and E-Commerce (by Team Heytaylor.com – Jason Muloongo)
The next phase of E-commerce is experiential and it is still virtual. Join the experts who are bringing the virtual world into your living rooms and learn more about this incredible world that is just beginning to blossom

SuperSession 4: The Start Up journey– how to innovate successful companies (by Team Founder Five – Birame Sock)
Founder Five is a start-up incubation hub in the U.S.A and was founded by the Founder of the famous Shazam Music listening app. Following the sale of her Shazam Startup, Birame founded an incubation hub to help other start ups.

Birame Sock
Dr. Philomena Ogwude-Ogoh
Jason Muloongo

02:35 – 03:20pm

Hackathon Finalists Demo/Presentations

03:20 – 03:35pm

Financing Tech

Now more than ever before, there is greater access to financing for Technology in Nigeria – From the CBN’s CIFI initiatives to direct lending and equity financing. He will shed some light on how to access funding for our passions

Ebenezer Onyeagwu

03:35 – 03:50pm

IT Entertainment/Game show – Man Vs Shazam Game show

03:50 – 04:10pm

Launch of CREAM Digital Content Platform by DBanj

04:10 – 04:15pm

Vote of Thanks and Goodwill Message

Adaora Umeoji

04:15 – 06:00pm

Close, Cocktail and Networking events

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